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4 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Leaks

4 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Leaks
Here are the main probable causes of the leaks in your air conditioner. The air conditioning system is designed to modify the properties of indoor air, particularly temperature and humidity. The dehumidifying process which alters the room humidity can cause some condensation in your appliance. However, if you notice actual leaking of water or pooling under the unit, there is a significant problem. This occurrence can cause extensive water damage to the walls, floors and ceilings, if the issue is left unresolved. Here are the main probable causes of the leaks in your air conditioner.

Blocked Drain Hole

As mentioned, condensation is part of the air conditioning function so some moisture is formed during the process. The appliance is fitted drain hole to allow the moisture to be led away from the main system to prevent pooling and leaking. If this hole is blocked by debris, it will prevent the drainage and consequently, your unit will accumulate water. The position of the drainage hole will vary depending on the type, brand and model of your air conditioner. For example, most window AC products will have the drain hole and attached tubing at the back or bottom of the unit. You should check the hole and eliminate all blockages that could be impending proper drainage. This should stop the leaks if this is the issue. It is important to investigate the sources of the debris to prevent recurrence. Technician with aircon

Poor Installation

If you installed the air conditioning system without professional assistance or your serviceperson was not qualified, you might experience leaks within a short time. Check the positioning of the leaking unit and determine whether it is level or not. A tilted appliance will not be capable of draining all the fluid accumulated during the condensation process. You should contract a licensed AC installer to correct this problem as soon as possible. In other cases, the vents may have been left closed after installation to the present day. This will create excess air pressure inside the units, causing the valves to loosen and leak. Usually, this issue can be resolved by opening the vents. If the leaks continue, consult a professional for proper troubleshooting.

Air Leakage

The air conditioner is designed to work as a closed system in order to ensure maximum efficiency. If the seals on the gaskets, O-rings and hoses in the unit weaken, warm air will flow into the unit. If this comes in contact with the cooled air, excess moisture will form. If you’ve enjoyed reading this article and would like to find others similar to it, you can do so by clicking the link below.

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