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What’s The Best Brands for Long-Lasting Air Conditioning Performance?

For many people, there is a staggering challenge that exists when it comes to finding the right selections for their home – picking the best brands. For any homeowners in Perth, you might want to consider the following three brands when it comes to selecting your best air conditioning choice. Each brand that we recommend comes with a long-term history of success and easy integration into homes. This will actively reduce the amount of time that you spend trying to organize and prepare your home to deal with the excessive nature of weather in the summer. Daikin Daikin is a massive Japanese multinational
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Does Your Perth Home Need An Air Conditioning Review?

As a Perth resident, you have no doubt grown used to using your air conditioning system. Not only does having a strong and effective AC system make it easier for you to build a genuine structure of comfort in your home, it helps to make your home more hospitable in general. However, like anything else, an AC unit will start to degrade in terms of the performance levels that it is capable of reaching. After enough uses you will notice it begin to slow down and lack the energy, zest and drive that it should have had when first purchased. When you
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Why Sorting Out the Home Heating in Summer Makes Sense

This might sound strange, but have you ever considered dealing with your home heating when you don’t need it? Many people decide to deal with home heating when the colder months come in and everyone needs to stay warmer. However, we all tend to do this strange thing of mixing up our priorities. Instead of getting a piece of equipment fitted and prepared for operation in advance of needing it, we wait until it breaks. How many people do you know who have hellish summers and wicked winters due to having no AC or home heating in Perth? We’ve dealt with many families
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The Benefits of Air Conditioning for Perth Residents

For many people, understanding why they should be using specific tools and kinds of products can be quite tough. For any home owner in Perth, though, it should be quite apparent why you need air conditioning. However, many households scrimp on cheaper air conditioning or tend to go for something with less volume and power than they could afford. There are many benefits to making sure you have the finest quality of air conditioning in your home, not least the fact it helps make those hot summer days feel tolerable. If you are wondering if you should get a new AC

Why Choose Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular amongst Perth homeowners. And it’s not surprising. Evaporative coolers are cheaper to install. They’re more environmentally friendly. Plus, they feature significantly lower running costs. For this week’s blog, we’re going to take a quick look at these units; how they work, their benefits, as well as some potential draw-backs. How Does Evaporative Air Conditioners Work? Evaporative air conditioners work by drawing hot, external air through a number of ‘filter pads’. As the hot air is drawn over these filter pads, water evaporates, thereby cooling and humidifying it. The now cool and moist air can then be

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioner

So you’ve decided to replace your old air conditioner! Or perhaps you’re installing an air conditioner for the first time. It can be an exciting time, you and your family, finally getting the cooling you require after sweating for too long in the Perth heat. But it can also be daunting. With so many types, brands and models to choose from, it’s hard to know which is right for you and your home. Fortunately with a little know-how, and some simple advice, choosing can be a lot easier. Here are our five things to consider when choosing a new air conditioner. 1. Space

4 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Leaks

4 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Leaks Here are the main probable causes of the leaks in your air conditioner. The air conditioning system is designed to modify the properties of indoor air, particularly temperature and humidity. The dehumidifying process which alters the room humidity can cause some condensation in your appliance. However, if you notice actual leaking of water or pooling under the unit, there is a significant problem. This occurrence can cause extensive water damage to the walls, floors and ceilings, if the issue is left unresolved. Here are the main probable causes of the leaks in your air conditioner. Blocked

Why You Should Keep Your Filters Clean

During Australia’s sweltering summers, it’s important to make sure your air conditioner is running smoothly and at its best ability. A vital part of your AC unit is its filter; it prevents the coils in your system from getting clogged up. Stay cool and ensure you keep the filter clean and replace it regularly. Not only will it extend the life of your unit – it will save you money in the long run. Avoid breakdowns and expensive repair costs It is recommended to replace your filters every month, or at the very least keep them clean. To do this, soak your