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When your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is first installed, it’s in mint condition and ready to work for you! However, as the months and years wear on, that same system needs some tender loving care if it is to continue to efficiently heat and cool your home. What needs to be done to keep an HVAC system in good repair?

How to Prepare for a Typical Check Up

To ensure that your home is being heated and cooled correctly, the thermostat settings will need to be checked. If you’re away for most of the day, you can save on your energy bill by allowing your home to become a little cooler or warmer than comfortable and programming it to come to a comfortable temperature around the time you come home in the evening.

Electrical connections also need to be checked and tightened. You’ll also want to measure the voltage and current coming from the motors. Keeping the electrical components of your HVAC system in good repair will ensure that your unit operates safely and lasts as long as possible.

All moving parts will need to be lubricated. Since friction causes excess heat and sucks up energy, lubrication keeps your unit running safely and efficiently.

When your air conditioner runs during the summer, condensation can build up and drain from the unit. You’ll want to ensure that the condensate drain is clear of debris. If it gets clogged, the water can overflow into your basement or closet, causing water damage and increasing indoor humidity levels.

Run a system start up and shut down to ensure the unit works properly. You should be able to go through an entire start up, a few minutes of operation, and shut down without a problem.

How to Prepare for a Cooling-Specific Check Up

It’s best to get your air conditioning system checked in the spring before the hot weather hits, rather than waiting until problems crop up in the middle of the summer. HVAC companies are also more readily available in the spring since they haven’t started responding to very many emergency repair calls.

• To keep your cooling system running smoothly, your evaporator and condenser coils will need to be cleaned. Dirty coils decrease your air conditioner’s efficiency, costing you extra money to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
• Check the refrigerant levels. The correct amount of refrigerant will keep your system efficient and cost effective.
• Keep your blower clean and free from debris. This will ensure that air will move correctly through the system, keeping your home comfortably cool.

How to Prepare for a Heating-Specific Check Up

Get your heating system checked during the fall to avoid going through a winter’s snowy day without heat. The primary components that need to be checked are the gas connections, gas pressure, heat exchanger, and the burner combustion. If everything is working as it should, you can enjoy a safely operating HVAC system that creates a warm toasty home during the cold winter months.
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Cost of Maintaining Central Air Conditioning

The lazy days of summer can actually be quite unbearable if you are one of those who are unfortunate to not have installed a central air conditioning unit to cool the rooms of your house. There’s worse news as it can be quite pricey to cool your home especially in certain cities of the country. Compounding this bad news is the rising cost of electricity. Luckily there is good news — with a few minor adjustments, you can cut your central air conditioning cost.

If you use your central air conditioner correctly, as an educated consumer, you will be able to significantly lower your central air conditioning costs. If you keep your costs low enough you will see that central air is not an unaffordable luxury but rather a way even everyday people can be comfortable and productive in their own homes.

Lowering Cost

The easiest way to lower your central air conditioning costs is to purchase a central air conditioning unit that has a SEER rating of approximately 13 and above. Experts will tell you that if you decide to purchase an inexpensive central air conditioning unit you will discover your savings’ at the front end will eventually be lost as your central air conditioning costs will be higher. Purchasing central air with a higher SEER rating will end up saving you money as time goes on.

Regular Maintenance and Cost Reduction

Another simple way to lower your central air conditioning cost is to provide regular maintenance for your central air conditioning unit. To do this you will need to replace and/or clean the filters regularly year round and monthly in the summer. You should also have routine maintenance for your central air conditioning at the beginning of the hot, summer season – the earlier the better so you don’t find yourself in the middle of a heat wave with no way to cool off. You should also prepare the unit for winter by covering it or placing it in storage during the cold winter months.

Replacing an Old Unit

If you have an outdated unit you may consider replacing it with a more modern central air conditioning unit. The replacement cost may be recouped in a few short years by your lower utility bills. Units older than 10 years are great candidates for replacement.

Get a Licensed Installer

Installing central conditioning is the job of a licensed and insured contractor so include the price of this in your central air conditioning unit costs. Luckily there are many air conditioning installers in the marketplace; they may be called HVAC specialists that can install central air conditioning at a reasonable cost.
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Central Air Conditioning Unit

Central Air Conditioning Unit

Obviously, the main purpose of investing in a central air conditioning unit is to cool the rooms of your home and/or business. But did you know another great benefit of central air is its ability to dehumidify damp air – this is a great bonus in localities with sultry climates. You have two choices when it comes time to install your central air conditioning unit –
  1. You can select a self-contained cabinet,
  1. Or a split system.

Besides these two main options, there are a number of features different central air conditioning units have that you can choose between. For example, there are permanent models and small, temporary models that you can simply set in a window and plug in. The permanent models are generally more expensive and require professional installation; however, they are very effective and can cool a home or business so efficiently you may need to wear a sweater even during the summer months. Obviously, not having either type of central air conditioning unit is much worse than not having one so even a small unit is better than nothing.

Currently, approximately 80% of Australian households benefit from the luxury of central air conditioning systems. The main reason for such high number of central air conditioning units is, in addition to temperature control and dehumidifying, that they can have excellent filters that are very beneficial for children and adults that are asthmatic or have other air-borne allergies. If you don’t already have central air, there is good news…central air conditioning units can be retrofitted into existing homes.

Choosing the best unit for your home will require a few measurements because different units are better suited for different sizes of homes. Luckily, there are several different sized central air conditioning units available so you will be able to get proper cooling and dehumidification benefits. You want to make sure and get the proper unit; too small and too large can both be a problem. The best way to do this is to hire an expert contractor. These skilled professionals are trained to calculate the proper size of central air conditioning unit for your home. They use a formula known in the business as “Manual J”.

You will also want to determine the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. This number should not be lower than seven or eight, the number can also go as high as 13. Find a unit that employs Scroll™ technology in the compressor and check the Energy Star rating to find out in advance how much electricity your central air conditioning unit will consume.

There are many ways you can lower your electricity costs if you do your research and purchase the proper central air conditioning unit for your building. A unit with a high SEER rating will save you money over time.

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Air Conditioner Freezing Up? Here’s Exactly What You Should Do

The ultimate purpose of installing an air conditioner in your home is to provide a comfortable temperature inside your home. Air conditioner freezing up is quite a natural scenario. At some point, an AC unit may freeze up when the balance between maintaining coolness at home and making sure that the machine is functioning is not kept. When the AC unit freezes up, it is very important to check the flow of air, have the refrigerant carefully checked, and operating it less even in cool weather.

Checking the Air Flow
If your air conditioner starts to freeze up, it is very important to check and make sure that air flow is properly observed. If air cannot pass thoroughly through your AC unit, the tendency is, the coil may freeze. Particles in the air filter may block the flow of air as well. To solve this issue, it is important to check the filter, replacing it when necessary.

The AC coils often freeze up when air flow is restricted
Regularly replacing the filter per the instructions of the manufacturers will prevent it from being blocked again. However, if your air duct system is not large enough to allow sufficient air flow through the coil, functionality may also be sacrificed. Therefore, it is important to have the ducts cleaned especially if the freezing up has started already. On the other hand, if you think you are not able to do the process yourself, it may be wise to hire the professional services of an HVAC contractor. They will inspect the ducts and see to it that the size is enough for your cooling system.

Charging the Refrigerant
Appropriately charged refrigerant can create an optimal environment for the AC unit. If the unit is not accordingly charged, the unit may tend to freeze up. For this task, only a professional AC contractor can charge and check your AC refrigerant. If you have made sure that this is the reason why your AC is freezing up, calling a professional to check on your refrigerant is your next best option.

Temperature Making the Air Conditioner Freeze Up
During the times when the weather is cooler, the air conditioner unit may end up not working well if it is situated outside. If you notice that the air conditioner freezes up lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it is better to call for the assistance of an HVAC professional who will install a control for the temperature. If you are looking for an alternative option, you may also turn the AC unit off if the temperature outside is cool, such as, during night time. Also, it may be best to open windows rather than using your AC unit for cooling.

Check the Blower Fan
Observe intently the movement of the blower fan. It should be transporting the air from the inner vents. If the fan is not working, make sure to stop the unit immediately. At this point, the motor of the blower’s fan may need to be replaced. At the same time, you may need to check all the inner vents of the system in order to make sure that there is no hindrance in the front area of the registers. To check the inner vents, you need to take a look inside. Open all the exhaust vents on your air conditioning system. Closing them will only restrict the flow of air through the coil. It may also be the reason of the freezing of the coil. If the fan operates accordingly and the vents are already unrestricted, make sure to check the outer part of the outer coil.

Other Reasons
If your air conditioning unit is freezing up, it may also be an indication that the coil is already dirty. Dirty coils need to be replaced. For coil replacement, you need to ask the assistance of a professional to do the task. Also, an air conditioning unit may freeze up if the blower has a problem. This too, can only be diagnosed and corrected by a professional HVAC repair person.