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Cost of Maintaining Central Air Conditioning

The lazy days of summer can actually be quite unbearable if you are one of those who are unfortunate to not have installed a central air conditioning unit to cool the rooms of your house. There’s worse news as it can be quite pricey to cool your home especially in certain cities of the country. Compounding this bad news is the rising cost of electricity. Luckily there is good news — with a few minor adjustments, you can cut your central air conditioning cost.

If you use your central air conditioner correctly, as an educated consumer, you will be able to significantly lower your central air conditioning costs. If you keep your costs low enough you will see that central air is not an unaffordable luxury but rather a way even everyday people can be comfortable and productive in their own homes.

Lowering Cost

The easiest way to lower your central air conditioning costs is to purchase a central air conditioning unit that has a SEER rating of approximately 13 and above. Experts will tell you that if you decide to purchase an inexpensive central air conditioning unit you will discover your savings’ at the front end will eventually be lost as your central air conditioning costs will be higher. Purchasing central air with a higher SEER rating will end up saving you money as time goes on.

Regular Maintenance and Cost Reduction

Another simple way to lower your central air conditioning cost is to provide regular maintenance for your central air conditioning unit. To do this you will need to replace and/or clean the filters regularly year round and monthly in the summer. You should also have routine maintenance for your central air conditioning at the beginning of the hot, summer season – the earlier the better so you don’t find yourself in the middle of a heat wave with no way to cool off. You should also prepare the unit for winter by covering it or placing it in storage during the cold winter months.

Replacing an Old Unit

If you have an outdated unit you may consider replacing it with a more modern central air conditioning unit. The replacement cost may be recouped in a few short years by your lower utility bills. Units older than 10 years are great candidates for replacement.

Get a Licensed Installer

Installing central conditioning is the job of a licensed and insured contractor so include the price of this in your central air conditioning unit costs. Luckily there are many air conditioning installers in the marketplace; they may be called HVAC specialists that can install central air conditioning at a reasonable cost.

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