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Heat your home this winter with a heating system from Perth’s heating and cooling specialists.

The average Perth homes heating and cooling can account for as much as half of your annual energy costs. Dacs Air Conditioning and Electrical can optimise your homes heating and cooling system. Achieve better energy ratings and start saving today by installing one of our industry leading home heating and cooling systems.

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Why Choose Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating?

Ideal for those seeking a complete home heating solution. Reverse cycle ducted heating can heat any space. From a single room to your entire home. Using discreetly placed ducts, reverse cycle ducted heating delivers heated air throughout your whole property. Or, if you choose, only to selected ‘zones’.

Zoning technology separates your home into individual heating and cooling areas. This allows you to heat only the space you use. Thereby not wasting energy on empty rooms. Operation is via an easy-to-use central control system. With which you can adjust heating zones, temperature, the ‘set-and-forget’ timer and more.

Find out more on our Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating Perth page.

Why Choose Split System Heating?

Cheaper to buy and cheaper to install. Split system heating is a great option for homeowners looking to heat their homes (on a budget). A split system heating solution heats an individual room or open space within your home. This makes them perfect for open-plan living spaces, lounges, bedrooms, and any single rooms that need heating.

The most popular of all air conditioning options. They feature an attractive and unobtrusive design. As well as quiet operation and easy-control via remote. Like all systems that heat individual rooms, they don’t waste energy on unused spaces. And this means lowering running and energy costs.

Find out more on our Split System Heating Perth page.

Why Choose Cassette Unit Heating?

A good choice for those with limited space. Cassette heating units fit neatly into your ceiling space. Meaning there’s no need for extensive duct systems or wall mounts. Featuring innovative fan technology and directional flaps, cassette heating units can heat both open spaces and targeted areas. They are also very discreet and unobtrusive.

These heating units provide exceptionally even air distribution. As well as superior system control and quiet operation.
Now made better than ever. Cassette unit heating is a real alternative to both reverse cycle ducted heating and split system heating.

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Why Choose DACS Air Conditioning and Electrical?

The team at DACS Air Conditioning and Electrical are your local specialists in home heating and cooling. We’re Perth residents installing heating systems for Perth residents. We install quality heating systems from brands like Daikin, Fujitsu Air and LG. And all of our work is carried out by qualified and experienced air conditioning professionals.
Plus, for your peace of mind. All new heating systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty and our own two year installation warranty.

To get a FREE in-house, no-obligation quote contact us today!

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