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Proper Care of the Domestic Heating and Air Conditioning System

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As winter approaches, it’s time for your second servicing for your heating and cooling system. You probably think two check-ups is one too many, especially since your budget it tight this year. However, your repair provider isn’t just trying to take more of your money. There is a good purpose for two yearly visits. Remember that your heat pump serves two purposes: heating and cooling. In the winter, the heat pump pumps the heat into your house, and in the summer it pumps the heat out of the house.

  The key to the reason for two visits is temperature. When the weather is hot, you can’t test the heating action of the heat pump, and when it is cold, you can’t test the cooling action. Therefore, your heating and cooling maintenance company will call you twice a year to make an appointment. You have put a lot of money into your system, so it is in the best interest of your budget to keep the system well-maintained. As Poor Richard said so long ago, “A stitch in time saves nine.” That was good advice 200 years ago, and it is still good advice today. If you make small payments twice a year to get your heating and cooling system cleaned and tuned, you will be making small payments to ensure that your system lasts for as many years as it can-rather like a car with 300,000 miles on it.

  In between maintenance visits, you can do your part to keep the system running smoothly and cleanly. The biggest thing you can do is to replace the filter every month. If you buy filters by the carton from a discount store, the cost will be minimal. It is also possible to find permanent filters that can be hosed off to remove the dust. Speaking of dust, a secondary reason for changing the filter is to reduce the amount of dust in the air of your house. You want to eliminate as much dust as possible from your air for two reasons.

  First of all, the dust blown about by your furnace fan lands on your furniture. Dusting the furniture is one of those household duties that most people try to avoid, so if the dust is being trapped by the furnace filter, it’s not being deposited on the armoire. Second, dust in the air aggravates many people’s indoor allergies. We all know the kinds of things that dust is made of, but we won’t go into that here, because it is a rather distasteful topic. These motes flying through the air are not made of dirt from outdoors. It’s made from creepy things that many people are allergic to. So, keeping the room dust-free with a good filter will, in the end, save you money that would have to be spent on allergy-relief medicine.

  These are some of the reasons that you should work to maintain your heating and cooling system. Some of the work is for you, and other work is for the professionals.

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